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Chakra Balancing & Sound Bath Event

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Saturday, May 7th | Seeking Space Yoga

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Join Kate for a Chakra Balancing Flow and Sound Bath Ceremony to help bring more harmony and balance into your life. This 1.5 hour event will include a brief intro into the chakra system and provide awareness on how to open, awaken and balance each of your chakras. We’ll balance each chakra through yoga, self-reflection, guided meditation, aromatherapy and the harmonizing energy of the sound bowls.  


Chakras or “wheels” in Sanskrit are energy centers that run along the spine of the body. We balance our chakras in order to release outdated, dysfunctional or negative energy so that we may feel stronger, healthier and more in tune with our lives.


What's included during this event:

♥️ Chakra Guide

🧡 Self-Discovery Chakra Quiz

💛 Chakra Healing Aromatherapy 

💚 Chakra Balancing Yoga Flow

💙  Guided Meditation & Temple Massage

💜 Sound Bath harmonizing each chakra


Cost: $30 

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