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Meet Kate

My love of yoga started around 2010, when I received my first 200-hr YTT certification. Since then, my passion for the vast knowledge of yoga and all-things mystical grows everyday as I continue to learn how the mind and body can be used as a tool to empower myself and my students.

In 2014, I began my journey into sobriety and recovery. This cracked my soul wide open. It felt like I was starting from scratch...learning how to feel all these raw emotions again and how to face the difficulties in life straight on. I had to learn how to sit with my pain, sorrow, anxiety and everything else that life brings along the way. The truth is, I am grateful for every single second of my recovery journey. 

This is how I discovered the power of rituals. I was searching for a way to fill my life back up with something meanfuling and magical (that wasn't a mind-altering substance). And rituals did just that for me! I love that it doesn't really matter what types of rituals you practice, as long as it speaks to your soul and you are being present in the moment. 


Rituals turn everyday life into something truly magical! I enjoy these small moments each day where I check in with myself, find gratitude and add in a little self-care. My intention with Mystical Rituals is to create a space for mindfulness and connection through rituals, yoga and meditation.

Every class or event I facilitate, I pour my whole heart and soul into it. I try to lead from a place of compassion, knowing that everyone is on their own path and journey. I hope to offer a little knowledge and inspiration, so you can strengthen your body, harness the power of your mind, and live your life from a deeper sense of awareness.

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Sword & Lotus - LV1

October 2022

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Loka Yoga School — 40 hr CE

August 2022  - October 2022

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Awaken Studios, Murray, UT — 200 RYT

January 2017  - June 2017

Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow

Y12SR Leadership Training, Boulder, CO

July 2014

Trauma Informed Yoga 12 Step Recovery Training

Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts Philadelphia, PA — 200 RYT

January  2010 - May 2010

Pranayama, Restore, Yoga Nidra, Prenatal, Hatha


Seeking Space Yoga

Vinyasa Flow - Wednesday - 5:15pm

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